My name is Tim Davis and I am a photographer.

My work is mostly abstract.

I hope you enjoy my images.

2022 Semi Open Studio

Come see the gallery, the new works, and the new calendar.

Accepting appointments for individuals and small groups though December.
Call or text Tim at (719)331-9798 to schedule.

About Tim

My Story

Though I had teenage interest in the artistic use of photography, I didn’t begin my photographic arts career in earnest until the fall of 2000.   Inspired by Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, and with encouragement from my wife, Susan Garsoe, and friend, Bruce Hamilton, I brought some pictures into public view.  With further support from my photography group, The Circle of Confusion, and artist Rodney Wood, then director of the Business of Art Center, I applied for and received my first solo show.

I have shown my work in galleries in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Cape Cod,  and Mammoth Lakes, CA as well as in Denver, Boulder, Durango, and my hometown, Colorado Springs.  My pictures have been purchased for public buildings and private collections and recently one was chosen to be in the permanent collection of the Dow Museum of Science and Art in Michigan.  They have been featured in magazines and appeared on book covers.  I also publish an annual poster calendar featuring my images.  Most recently I have designed a set of cards using 14 of my images.

Train Cars

These are images taken from the sides of various train cars.  They represent as little as 8 inches to as much as 10 feet in the long dimension.


These are pictures from boat hulls.  They were taken in Jamaica, Florida, and Washington.  Some were on the beach, some in boatyards.

Cars and Trucks

These pictures are details from various vehicles, most beyond their time of utility.

Miscellaneous Objects

These images are from a variety of objects

Buddhist and Hindu Statuary

Susan and I lived in Thailand from 1998 until 2000.  We taught at Ruamrudee International School in a western suburb of Bangkok called Min Buri.  We travelled exptensively during our time there.  Recently we went back for a monthlong visit.  We travelled in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia where we saw many Buddhist Temples and many depictions of the Buddha and a few have Hindu influence.  Here are some.  Many are details that are more about composition than a Buddha narrative.

Purchase 2023 Poster Calendars

Twelve of Tim’s photographs are presented in beautiful poster calendars. They are available in two sizes: 11x14 and 5x7. Printed in a limited edition of 140 11x14’s and 100 5x7’s. They are printed on heavy weight recycled paper and fit standard frames but are lovely unframed. The 11x14 is $30 and the 5x7 is $13. Scroll down to see sample month and monthly selections.

11 X 14  POSTER CALENDAR   $30